TSxMe September 2016: Daniel Centrone

TSxME is a special monthly series highlighting outstanding young people in and around Philadelphia. These individuals and their projects represent the Thread Society mission of creative and personal excellence.  This month we are proud to feature filmmaker Daniel Centrone.

Photo: Danielle Christina     Outfit: Thread Society Premium Club Jacket & Premium Crewneck Tee

Photo: Danielle Christina

Outfit: Thread Society Premium Club Jacket & Premium Crewneck Tee

Name: Daniel Centrone 

Age:  25

Hometown:  I grew up about 10 minutes Southwest of Center City Philadelphia in Delaware County (Delco), Pennsyvlania stuck right in the middle between Philly and Chester, PA.  Its a blue collar/working class type town. The place rides a fine line. Its just awful enough to be a miserable place but just okay enough to make someone comfortable with living there. It can turn into a black hole if you let it. A friend of mine described it as "comfortable trash, the kind you stuff your pillow with" which somehow makes perfect sense. The place has some upsides. The people there are good hearted and "real people" for the most part. I moved to the city as fast as I could once I graduated high school and turned 18. I needed to be surrounded by more culture, opportunity, and forward thinking people (no offense Delco). 

Photo: Danielle Christina

Photo: Danielle Christina

Current neighborhood:  Los Angeles, California

Job:  Music Video Director

What are some future projects you’re most excited about?

The fun thing about this lifestyle is what am I excited about now will probably already be done and out by the time this is published and I will be excited about something new that I don't even know is going to happen yet. This industry moves very fast.


Photo: Danielle Christina

Photo: Danielle Christina

Give us your personal playlist on any given day

I definitely go through phases and the weather tends to be the deciding factor. Since its now September I'm moving more towards a fall centered playlist (Even though I'm in LA and I have to pretend its fall). That list includes some American Football, Renee Heartfelt, Get Up Kids, AFI, Type 0 Negative, and Osker. Then I would say I always have a few bands or artists I constantly have in rotation like Saves The Day, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, and Lucero. Then from there I'll scatter in some hardcore and hip hop depending on my mood. Lately i've gotten kind of into EDM due to the projects I've been working on. 

What’s your mantra?

I don't know if I have a "mantra" but I definitely have a certain way of thinking and ethos. I've actually had this conversation a lot recently with friends who also grew up in the hardcore scene that have gone onto become filmmakers, artists, writers, and friends that formed more "mainstream" bands outside of the hardcore scene. I think that the hardcore scene and ideology breeds a really positive way of thinking (PMA lol). You learn the DIY culture and how you can make something meaningful out of nothing, you grow a disdain for what society deems a "normal" or average life, and half the lyrics are on par with being as positive and motivational as Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday halftime speech. It absolutely puts you into a mindset to do what you want with your life and throw caution to the wind when it comes to possible societal rejection or "failure".

Who are your influences?

I definitely think you can pick up on my influences in some of my work. I would say creatively my influences are Wes Craven, Marilyn Manson, Gregory Crewdson, and most importantly Andrew Wyeth. I definitely appreciate a more creepy and gritty aesthetic. 

Follow Daniel Centrone on Instagram: @dancentrone

Photo: Danielle Christina

Photo: Danielle Christina